One of the prominent items in the Memorial Union lounge from the beginning has been a 30 inch diameter terrestrial globe and with its stand, measures 50 inches tall. The antique globe in the main lounge was a gift from the class of 1929.  The globe was made in 1926 or 1927 and can be dated from the boarder and name changes on its maps.  Globe lists the area of Russia and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the city of Istanbul is labeled Constantinople.

Over the last 85 years the globe has sustained substantial damage.  In the fall we shipped the globe off to TKM Conservation Studio for restorations in Massachusetts.  This week we received an update on the progress and the change is amazing.

There are still several months work left on the globe and stand before it is shipped back to Corvallis, but we hope to have it in time for graduation in June of 2013.



The maker was W. & A.K. Johnston of Edinburgh and London.  The Johnson brother learned engraving from James Kirkwood and after the Kirkwood factory burned down in 1824, William Johnson (1802-1888) founded a cartographical institute in 1925.  One year later his brother Alexander Keith (1804-1871) joined him.  The company produced mainly maps and atlases for schools and began manufacturing globe around the mid-19th century.  Their largest globe was a 30-inch diameter physical terrestrial globe which won a number of medals at the Great Exhibition and received a royal appointment.

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