Since 2005, student leaders ASOSU and the Memorial Union have been working to create additional space for student support programs that meet the needs of the 21st century.  The plan they developed is to create a new student building next to the Memorial Union with a covered plaza between the two.  In 2010 the OSU student body pasted a campus wide referendum to fund the new building.  Since that time the project has been making its way through state and local approval boards.  The last in this line of approvals was the Corvallis Historic Review Commission (HRC).

Good news for both the Student Experience Center (SEC) proposal and the Plaza last night at the Corvallis Historic Resources Commission hearing.  Both projects passed unanimously, even though it took four hours of hearing to get to the final decision.  Next up, the MU East Wing, as well as the Asian Pacific Cultural Center will go before the HRC on January 8th.

The OSU students and one community member who testified did in incredible job and were very well prepared.  Thank you to one and all who played a role in getting this final stage of approval through.   Thanks also to the standing room only crowd who came out to support the students in their testimony and hear the action of the Commission first hand.  Early work inside the MU begins Spring Break followed by a groundbreaking ceremony in May for the SEC and parking lot removal and excavation the Monday after graduation in June.

OPSIS SEC Presentation: 2012-1217 OSU SEC HRC-Final-edits

OPSIS Canopy Presentation: 2012-1217 OSU Canopy HRC-Final-edits

Student Support Presentation: HRC support

Michael Henthorne, Director

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