Last May, I started a Monday morning with a telephone call.  It was a gentleman who is a heritage and ornamental plasterer who told me “you have a famous building.”

“Really?” I replied.

And so began a conversation about the Memorial Union with Patrick Webb, a member of the Institute of Classical Architects and Arts.  He told me that the Memorial Union is a famous example of neo-classical architecture and one of the most well-known examples in the nation.  We agreed to talk more about the Main Lounge, which was the purpose of the call.

I have known these things about the Memorial Union ever since I started work here over 11 years ago.  But time and the cares of operating such a large and well-used public building have eroded the excitement of working here. (Or, that excitement never gets translated to those who come along to work here, and the conversation subsides.)

I want to share the good news today that our work to care for this building properly is noticed, and that it matters.  It matters to the students of OSU who use this building every day and expect a clean, well lighted place to eat a good meal, study and perhaps rest.  It also matters a great deal to the people of the world who know of our building and keep it in high regard:  architects, artists, students of history.

Above is a photograph that describes and define the US Capitol Building, another very famous example of neo-classical architecture.  Look these over and see the similarities between the Capitol Building and the Memorial Union.

Connecting with people who know about and admire our building, is what keeps me excited about working in and caring for the Memorial Union!

Sid Cooper, Memorial Union Assistant Director for Building Services

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