Have a great experience this spring break.  Choose from on of 3 service projects  Better yourself and better the world.

#1 Urban Beautification & Poverty – Yakima, WA
Learn about urban poverty and hunger issues while also completing city beautification and restoration projects, completing a variety of projects to meet pressing needs of the city and local community. This trip will expose you to many of the complex issues that face this small city including racial tensions, violence, food insecurity, and homelessness. estimated cost: $105 plus meals

#2 Oregon Conversation – Newport, OR
Travel to the Oregon coast to complete environmental restoration projects. Service work will likely include beach clean ups, tree planting, invasive species removal and stream restoration and clean up. If you have an interest in learning about environmental restoration and Northwest coastal ecosystems, this is a wonderful spring break trip for you. On our off day, we will go whale watching and explore the coast region hiking or canoeing.  estimated cost: $170 plus meals
#3 Hunger & Homelessness – San Francisco, CA
Travel to one of the nation’s greatest cities to work with multiple nonprofit organizations that are addressing hunger and homelessness issues. This trip will include hands-on direct service work with people experiencing homelessness from diverse backgrounds. You will meet and work alongside local visionaries who have created programs to combat issues close to their hearts. On our off day, we will explore San Francisco and all of the treasures that it has to offer!
estimated cost: $250 plus meals

For More Info:

Oregon State University, Center for Civic Engagement, 158 Snell Hall

Julia.Lang@oregonstate.edu or http://oregonstate.edu/cce/alternativebreaks

Download our application on our website: www.oregonstate.edu/cce

Accommodations for disabilities may be made by emailing: Julia.Lang@oregonstate.edu

January 27th and 28th (Friday & Satuday)

International Student Experience Forum

If you are an international, or a globally-minded student…

You are invited to join the 2nd annual International Student Experience Forum. The theme for this year is: Engage Today to Change Tomorrow.  Sponsored by the International Students of OSU (ISOSU) the forum starts Friday evening at 6 PM with an opening talk by Vice Provost Dr. Larry Roper entitled “Creating and Leading Towards the World in Which You Want to Live”.  The forum continues on Saturday with panel discussions, breakout sessions and three keynote talks.

Sunil Khana; Vice Provost of International Programs

Christy Tsang; COO Pacific Institute APAC (ISOSU Alumni)

Monica Rojas, PhD; University of Washington (ISOSU Alumni)

For more information and registration go to the ISOSU website.

Saturday, February 18th

The Art of Leadership: Our Generation. Our Purpose.

Conference attendees will spend the day exploring ways the current generation can develop leadership skills to carry into their lives after college. Just for attending the entire conference, 3 OSU students will each win a $1000 scholarship. 

Throughout the day, participants will explore topics centered on how our generation can develop leadership skills to carry into their lives after college. Topics range from finding purpose in all realms of life to spirituality, civic engagement, and developing personal strengths. We will begin the day in the Memorial Union Ballroom with a keynote speaker who will focus on students of this generation. This will be followed by a question and answer session with a panel of recent Oregon State graduates. This is an opportunity for the graduates to share their experiences and for the audience to ask any questions about life after college.

Students will then have the opportunity to attend two breakout sessions focused on different aspects of leadership. In the latter part of the program Oregon State Alumnus Alex Polvey, founder of Cloud Kick Computing, will be delivering the closing keynote. To wrap up the day there will be 3 -$1000 scholarship drawings for OSU students. Come enjoy a day with leaders from around the state and spend time focusing on your place in our generation

. For more information and registration go to the SLI Leadership Development website.