The new Associated Student of OSU (ASOSU) cabinet has been installed and has begun work for the students of this campus.  A new addition this year is an ASOSU cabinet blog.  As Ali Godil, this year’s ASOSU Executive Secretary and Director of Committees stated:

“The issue of transparency and accountability is an issue that must be addressed among any governmental institution. The people want to know what their leaders are doing and how they are spending their time and resources.  To address this issue the cabinet and I created an Online Blog, where we record, share, and commemorate what we are doing in our positions and how we are growing as individuals and as student leaders.

To follow and get an inside look at our Executive Cabinet, the link to our blog is: .   We hope you enjoy our efforts, and through this initiative we can record the achievements and landmarks of our diverse cabinet. “

 Check it out, it is informative and entertaining.  For example, the last five entries include birthday celebrations, a little history of the OSU Creed, reflections from both the ASOSU President and Vice President and photos from START.

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11 thoughts on “ASOSU Blog

  1. Ali Godil is 100% right on these issues and it is very important for transparency to be embraced and implemented in Government institutions. Thank you for supplying the link, i am a regular for “fasting” once a year, it gives me a sense of being part of the whole instead of an individual entity for just a short time at least.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Transparency is definitely very important so we gain the trust of people we are governing.. …. thank you for sharing this….

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