The OSU Memorial Union would like to introduce the incoming MU President and Vice President; Ashley Barnes and Nicholas Bowen.  They will take office on May 15th.

The Facts:

Ashley Barnes

Majors: English and Secondary Education – with an endorsement in ESOL

Minor: Spanish

Class Standing: Junior

Nicholas Bowen

Major: Industrial Engineering

Class Standing: Junior

What they are about:

The Memorial Union is your union. It is a place for all students to meet needs for bodily and spiritual nourishment as well as seek opportunities to enrich your life outside of the classroom. Student voice is crucial to the success of the MU departments, programs and events. We want to ensure that your student fee dollars are being utilized appropriately within the organization and that you are the focus of every program planned. Throughout the next year, we will continue our passion of serving students, building community, and bringing fun to OSU and, more importantly, YOU!

Our dreams, hopes and desires for the coming year:

Serve Students.

What would you like to see happen on the OSU campus? As MU President and Vice President, we want to make sure to advocate your needs and desires through programs and campaigns that create an attitude of inclusivity, excitement for education, and a passion for OSU community.

Build Community.

With every program that is planned or sponsored by the Memorial Union, we will promote collaboration amongst groups on campus and encourage the incorporation of a community building focus. Our programs should be accessible and welcoming for all students and the best way to fulfill that hope is to collaborate and network within community.

Leave a Legacy.

As students, we have a unique opportunity to leave our legacy at OSU through the creation of the Student Experience Center. We can create the experience future students will have on our campus and provide them with spaces and programs in which they can survive and thrive.

Have Fun.

Our classes, at times, can be overwhelming and stressful and without a “breather” we can quickly approach burnout. We want create programs that give students the opportunity to take a break and enjoy themselves – bringing the FUN back into college life.

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