Primary construction activities for the week of 05/13 thru 05/17 will consist of:


Z1 = East Commons Wing  |  Z2 = West Commons Wing  |  Z3 = West Lab Wing  |  Z4 = Middle of Lab Wing   |  Z5 = East Lab Wing

  • Roofing
    • Evacuation Ramp
      • Continue Installing handrails
      • Installing expansion joint
    • Lab High Roof West
      • Continue installing roof
  • Framing Sheeting (2nd & 3rd Floor)
    • Lab Wing West & SW Elevation:
      • Finish installing flashing at pop-outs
      • Installing temp window protection as needed
    • Lab Wing North Elevation:
      • Finish installing exterior gyp
      • Continue installing air and water barrier, window steel at pop outs, and flashing at pop outs
    • Lab Wing East Elevation
      • Installing steel studs
    • Penthouses
      • Finish installing framing
  • Framing Sheeting (1st Floor)
    • Auditorium Misc. Steel and Wind Girts
      • Finish setting Auditorium mezzanine steel
    • Auditorium East Elevation
      • Finish installing steel stud floor clips
    • Auditorium South Elevation
      • Installing steel stud floor clips
    • Auditorium West Elevation
      • Installing steel stud floor clips
    • Lab Wing West Elevation
      • Installing top / bottom track and studs
    • Lab Wing North Elevation
      • Installing top / bottom track
  • Windows and Siding
    • West Elevation
      • Finish installing vertical Z Girt and windows
      • Finish installing backer rods and caulking
      • Start installing flashing and trim
  • Site Improvements
    • Mechanical Enclosure M0101
      • Start installing electrical and chilled water
    • Ramp
      • Installing Bentonite and fluid applied waterproofing, foundation drain, back fill and grade for foam
      • Finish installing foam
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