Primary construction activities for the week of 03/25/2019 thru 03/29/2019:

  • Ramp
    • North Radius Wall (Pour 2):
      • Strip formwork.
    • South Wall West (Pour 3):
      • Finish setting wall and installing rebar.
  • Structural Steel
    • East Lab Wing (Z5):
      • Finish bolting, plumbing, and welding.
      • Start installing metal decking and closure strips.
  • Slab on Metal Deck
    • West Commons Wing Roof (Z2):
      • Pouring at beginning of week
    • West Lab Wing Roof (Z3 & ½ Z4):
      • Installing rebar, top embeds, and pouring deck
    • West Lab Wing L3 (Z3):
      • Installing rebar, and top embeds
    • West Lab Wing L2 (Z3)
      • Installing blockouts, down embeds and shoring
  • Slab on Grade
    • East Commons Wing:
      • Installing sanitary sewer and storm, electrical, potable water, blockouts and edge form, and grading.
    • West Commons Wing
      • Installing electrical, potable water, sanitary sewer and storm, installing block outs and edge form, and grading.
  • Roofing
    • Lab Wing High Roof:
      • Start forming curbs and crickets at end of week.
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