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Undergraduate researchers wanted!

We are currently looking for more people to work in our lab! If you are an undergraduate and are interested in becoming part of our lab, please read the following and apply.

About our lab

Andriy Morgun’s lab (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy) focuses on discovering the role of the gut microbiome in disease progression and prevention. Dr. Morgun’s lab is highly collaborative, working with a range of partners in the United States (the National Institute of Health and different OSU Colleges) and abroad (Norway and Brazil). The aim of the Morgun lab is to gain a better understanding of the pathogenesis of different diseases such as cancer, diabetes and immunodeficiency. Computational biology is a crucial resource our lab uses for investigating the mechanism of gene regulation in mammals and the interactions with their microbial communities. Using extensive computational resources, we are able to create interaction networks of genes, microbiota, and other components to better understand underlying mechanisms of diseases. Our lab works with a variety of samples, including human clinical samples and samples taken from animal models.

What you can expect

Our lab is looking primarily for an undergraduate researcher with some background in computer programming. All members of the Morgun lab are expected to be able to use programming skills to read and run programs our lab has previously written, as well as write their own programs with assistance from postdocs and graduate students in the lab. These programs will be used to analyze next generation sequencing data or to create/analyze networks. Training and assistance will be provided for all students. Undergraduate students that are successful in the computational portion of the lab may have opportunities to transition into some wet-lab work at some point if desired. Furthermore, there will likely be opportunities for research conducted by undergraduates to be published in a scientific paper if the student demonstrates significant contribution to the project.

Responsibilities and desired skills

  • Preference will be given to students with some experience in at least one of the following: R, Python, Perl, Matlab, C++/C, or Java.
  • Students are expected to have good communication skills and be in contact with a mentor on a regular basis.
  • 10-15 hours/week availability, attend weekly meetings, demonstrate appropriate communication skills, good organization and attention to detail.


For further information about this position and to apply, please send your resume/CV and possible hours of availability to

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