Mopar enthusiasts are every where my case and point a garage in Springfield Oregon dedicated to restoring Mopars has created  a television show which airs on the discovery channel.  I made the trip down to Springfield to personally meet the star of the show Mark Worman the creator of the show. He walked me through their shop showing me current projects and future ones all the while pointing out to me that every part they used is original down to the oem nuts and bolts. This attention to detail was amazing to me and lead me to believe that mark and his crew are possibly the best restores of all things Mopar there is.


I appreciate all of the comments I received on my previous post about Mopar vehicles but this blog was created for a requirement in a class if u want to get in contact with mark or any of the others at graveyard cars you will have to contact Welbys car care center in Springfield. Hope that clears some stuff up.

4 thoughts on “Tv Show Restores Mopars here in Oregon.

  1. Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know what a great show you have. I had a HVA/C shop for 17 years and “ALL” the employees had NICK NAMES like your guys. Priceless. Keep up the Quality and attention to details in your work. Sincerel Larry the “GOOSEEGG” TOW

  2. Hello,

    I have a 1970 Dodge Challenger I am looking to restore. A friend at work said I should contact your shop. My uncle ordered the car in 1970. The car has a 440 Six Pack and has about 83,000 original miles. Please give me a call.

    Thank you,

    John Baker

    • The blog was created for A university computers class through an Oregon state blogging program. I pretty much just inputted all my information into the blogging program and it created my blog. Hope that helps a little.



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