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Last week, a concern of mine was my lack of ability to get into contact with my group mates. This week, we’ve already met three times to brainstorm and work together. We established a server on Discord for quick messages to one another as well as open rooms where we can meet with voice chat to discuss our plans. The project itself went well this week as far as all aspects go. My group and I didn’t face many challenges in terms of working as independents and later bringing what we made together into single cohesive documents. Of everything, the biggest bump in the road was the fact that we all wrote very similar abstracts, so finding a meaningful way to stitch them together was a little on the rougher end without just using one of the abstracts.

We are scheduled to have our first video conversation with the laboratory this Monday the 19th. We’ve been communicating up to this point through email, so it will be good to finally have a face-to-face, taking the knowledge we learned in this last week about how to pose meaningful questions and pull concepts from the individual that are otherwise not thought of being asked. I will be sure to elaborate on this meeting further on next weeks blog post.

As for the class as a whole, I have been enjoying my time in it. When compared to other courses in Computer Science, this one truly does feel like the icing on the cake. It is the time where we are truly introduced to what it is like in the field and are able to take the reigns of a project and see to it being done. We’ve had courses in the past which taught us as an overview what we are learning now, but it feels as if now we are solidifying it and being shown how it attributes to the real world. I am excited to see what else is in store to learn.

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