About Erin Audiss

Hello, my name is Erin. I am a dietetic intern that is passionate about all things tasteful. I’m downright dedicated to food and how our bodies use it to enable us to do awesome things. As a proud grad with a degree in Nutrition from the Oregon State University Dietetics program, I'm currently working towards my "RDN" ("Registered Dietitian Nutritionist" credential) through the OSU Dietetic Internship. Yes, I am totally stoked to become a registered dietitian and use my knowledge of food and nutrition to inspire you, support you, and encourage you to make choices that will amp up the quality of your life (and the lives around you). When I’m not in my role as a dietetic intern, you can find me cooking (and eating), traveling, hanging out with my wonderful friends and family, and running...my photography business.
chocolate cake

You’ve probably heard that food cravings have little to do with true hunger, but if they aren’t a part of our biological need for fuel, then how do they work? What kinds of foods do you “crave” when you are stressed or upset? Are they sweet or salty? Loaded with carbohydrates? Packed with fat? Drizzled in chocolate?

First, let’s talk about why these specific foods and macronutrients (e.g. carbs, protein, and fat) are commonly craved and then we can sift through some helpful ways to overcome the urge. Continue reading