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In no particular order... OSU affiliation: PhD student/Instructor, Department of Ag and Resource Economics/Applied Economics. Educational background: University of MN Law School, class of 2005. Teaches: Agricultural Law, Environmental Law. Mother: brilliant 7 year old boy; brilliant 4 year old girl with benign myoclonic epilepsy on a modified ketogenic diet therapy. Married to: Ted Brekken, OSU Department of Electrical Engineering. Ride: xtra-cycle with kid seat; 200-pound cargo capacity. Grew up: Devils Lake, ND. Lived in: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Pohang, South Korea, Trondheim, Norway, Corvallis, OR. Interests: Cooking, knitting, eating, yoga, laughing, hiking, traveling, staying sane.

And now we wean

It is a big week in Nora’s world, although I’m sure it seems bigger to us than to her. Yesterday we went to Portland to see Dr. Wray for her ketoclinic checkup.¬†Tomorrow will be her 2-year seizure-free anniversary. It is … Continue reading

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Two Takes on the Pizza Crust

Kids love pizza, and keto kids deserve pizza too. Pizza is also a common quick meal, frozen or delivered, for many families on busy days. But with a keto kid you can’t feed the whole family, so it’s nice to … Continue reading

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Keto Valentine’s Day Love

Nora woke up yelling “Valentine’s Day!” She loves love. She made her own Valentines for all of her classmates after being inspired by the card she received from Grandma Sheryl. She started with making a heart, and wrote “Happy Heart … Continue reading

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Blueberry Almond Muffins

Snow days! Two days off school leading up to a weekend, playing in the snow and lots of together time means baking time to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Nora requested toasting bread for PBJ sandwiches. Anders requested blueberry muffins. … Continue reading

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Almond & Orange Florentines

I like to cook, therefore I like to listen to the Splendid Table. When I saw this Almond Florentine recipe on their website, I knew it would be keto-possible. Worked like a charm! It is so easy, delicious and look … Continue reading

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Nora gets popcorn! What a revelation! I read on another keto-mom blog that popcorn was her son’s favorite snack, and I was kinda like “shyeah, right. Not gonna work for Nora. Too many carbs.” Sorry I doubted you Sara. Now … Continue reading

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Keto clinic checkup and diet changes

On Monday we made our way to Portland for another keto clinic check up with Dr. Wray. Nora continues to thrive. She is in her 20th month of seizure freedom! Her growth rate is right on track even after 2 … Continue reading

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Blueberry Panna Cotta

Oh panna cotta! Where have you been hiding for the last 2 years? Why has it taken so long to discover you? I’ve been a little obsessed with a cookbook put out by a fabulous restaurant in Portland, Toro Bravo. … Continue reading

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Bringing Keto to Kindergarten, Part 3

It’s almost half way through the school year! When things are going along fine but you know there are potential problems lurking, it’s hard to feel really at ease. You can’t really know that things will be fine until something … Continue reading

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Odds, Ends, and Giving Thanks

Just a quick update with a few keto notes that have been on my mind. Nora is 19 months + 2 days seizure free, getting over a nasty cold/flu and looking forward to Thanksgiving break from school. Still no Cytra-K … Continue reading

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