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An interesting word for you from me.

I might make an ongoing series of sorts out of this, but for now here’s an interesting word that can actually be used in normal conversation.


It’s technically obsolete, but with the state of modern English as deplorable as it is, we can afford to breathe new life into excellent words of yore. It means, rather obviously, that the “thing” in question is not known of by the party referenced. As in “The class would be taught with a ferocity unbeknownst to modern academia” implying that ‘modern academia’ has no knowledge of the ‘ferocity’ with which said class would be taught.

That is all for now.

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This is what you get for now

I’m still getting everything customized to my liking, so here’s a place holding post. Basically, I’ll probably get started with the real posts this weekend and it may just BLOW YOUR MIND. Though I wouldn’t go so far as to standby with a cloth to clean up the mess. It’ll be mostly reviews of things and also writings of a topic that I just felt like writing about or that I felt should be written about. I will try to be objective as possible, so if it sounds like I’m really bashing something the most likely reason is because said thing deserves said bashing and NOT that my personal opinions or beliefs are contaminating the text.

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