Dr. Douglas L. Van Bossuyt – 2007 HBSME, HBAME (international degree program); MSME 2009; PHD ME 2012 – is entering his third year as an assistant professor at the Colorado School of Mines seated in the Mechanical Engineering Department and working with the Nuclear Science and Engineering Program and Center for Space Resources. He focuses primarily on early conceptual complex system design methodological development for the assessment of risk and reliability information and secondarily focuses on additive manufacturing process control with the eventual goal of producing a design tool to aid engineers in designing parts that behave as intended. Dr. Van Bossuyt received the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Faculty Development Grant in 2014 and has worked to develop a laboratory to support his research spanning the aerospace, nuclear, and robotics domains. Recently, Dr. Van Bossuyt and his research group authored five papers at the 2015 ASME IDETC/CIE conferences.