CHAP Work Area

This is where I’ll post our progress, strategic targets, meeting minutes, timelines, and other items pertinent to our work.


  • October and November 2017: CHAP members complete background readings
  • October and November 2017MG faculty and staff complete a short survey Survey is now closed.
  • November 2017: Gail will compile the results of the survey
  • November 2017: CHAP meets via conference call, in advance of the OSU Extension Conference.
  • December 7, 2017: Gail reports on preliminary progress to the Home Horticulture Working group, during our meeting at the OSU Extension Conference. Gail gathers feedback from those at the meeting.
  • January – April 2018: CHAP works on identifying high priority strategies, and drafting a document with explicit recommendations
  • May – June 2018: we share our draft recommendations with our stakeholders and with OSU MG faculty and staff. Solicit initial feedback. Revise recommendations accordingly.
    • Carla A. (Tillamook), Jean S. (Tillamook), Pami M. (Benton) have agreed to provide feedback on our initial drafts
  • July 2018:  If we are ready, the home hort working group will vote on our recommendations This will occur in conjunction with Mini-College, during our working group meeting on July 12th. Gail will share an update with the MG attendees, during her annual address.

To Do List

  • Set meeting date (email out to CHAP members)
  • Prepare Slide deck for December 7th meeting
  • Prepare preface for toolkit
  • Develop on-pager template for toolkit, for a single lesson: Entomology One Pager
  • Ask chapters to submit examples of active learning activities
  • Ask coordinators to come to submit  active learning activity
  • Poll coordinators about volunteer service hour requirements

Meeting Agenda / Minutes


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