Week 22: Aug 22-26

This week was one of the busiest weeks I have had at the FIC with my time being split between our largest crop-up being held at the FIC and my major project for the summer, the Watermelon Project. For the watermelon project I took measurements and weighed the watermelons as well as cut them and weighed the skin, flesh and juice to determine yield. Then we prepared 150 samples of watermelon using five treatments and 30 watermelons that were sent to the lab for a microbial shelf-life testing to see if different forms of sanitation helped the microbial content during a seven day period. The Portland crop-up was about double the size of the other crop-ups we had done which made serving quite a challenge. It did not allow for as much server guest interaction since there was a lot more running around to do. But it was still a very fun event with a lot of really cool vendors selling delicious products.

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