Week 20: Aug 8-12

My time was split this week with two main focuses. The first being another sensory test which lasted two days and the second being the Recipe Book. While this was not the first week of me working on the recipe book it was the first week that I spent a substantial amount of time on it. This was a project that I had heard was going to be done along side the Crop-Up events yet no one way taking charge and starting the project, so I decided to take this as my own project to do. The reason I did this was because it was something that was of interest to me as well as I knew it would be easier to accomplish if it was started while the crop-ups were still going on so that the right pictures would be taken and the best information be added. I am really excited to see where the recipe book goes and while my name will not be on it it is cool to think that something I have made could be published.

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