Faculty and Staff Contact List

NamePositionGo to for Question on...Phone/Email/Office
Jana ClemonsMAT Secondary Cohort Lead, InstructorSecondary Advising, Clinical Issues, Language Arts/Social Studies Advisingclemonsj@osucascades.edu
Michael GiamellaroAssistant ProfessorScience Advisingmichael.giamellaro@osucascades.ed
(541) 322-2089
GRC Office 109
Nancy HackbarthEducational Placement CoordinatorClinical Placementsnancy.hackbarth@osucascades.edu
(541) 322-3189
GRC Office 112C
Donna HarrisLicensure and Administrative CoordinatorLicensure, Testing, Legaldonna.harris@osucascades.edu
(541) 322-3173
GRC Office 112C
Melinda KnappMAT Elementary Cohort Co-Lead, InstructorElementary Advising & Clinical Issues, Math Advisingmelinda.knapp@osucascades.edu
(541) 322-2024
GRC Office 116
Carolyn PlattProgram Lead, Senior InstructorProgram Lead (contact after cohort Lead), Language Arts/Social Studies Advisingcarolyn.platt@osucascades.edu
(541) 322-3120
GRC Office 111
Rachel SchuetzMAT Elementary Cohort Co-Lead, InstructorElementary Advising & Clinical Issuesrachael.schuetz@osucascades.edu
(541) 322-2066
GRC Office 116
OSU CascadesMain Office(541) 322-3100,
Fax (541) 322-3139
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