Exercise #2

In the primary research paper “Symbiotic gut microbes modulate human metabolic phenotypes” (2007), Min Li et al used a multivariate strategy to show the covariation between gut microbiomic structural patterns as using NMR spectroscopic urinary profiling to connect metabloic phenotypes and structure of gut microbiome and patterns in host physiology or pathology. Min Li et al found produced evidence of variation between Subdoligranulum variable BI-114 which produces 4-cresol that links variation between different gut bacteria and metabolites found in urine. The purpose of this paper was to identify another method of testing to be done on human hosts to connect differences in gut bacteria to specific pathologies or phenotypes. The intended audience is aimed at persons who are in the medical field or researchers who are interested in pathologies involved with gut bacteria.

Exercise #1

Here is my list of human non-infectious diseases that are influenced by microorganisms:
cystic fibrosis
diabetes mellitus
MS: multiple sclerosis
rheumatoid arthritis