Utilities are Coming in! Update for 10/1-10/5

For the first week of October Fortis will be working on installing under the slab electrical conduits and a new sanitary sewer line.

Continuing on the clinic side of the expansion, they will be finishing forming the footings and back filing around them.

Work will start to heat up on the new lecture hall, as they start the forming for the footings, laying out the bolt template and installing rebar.

Also this week they will be surveying LINAC.

To keep up to date will the schedule for the new lecture hall and clinic, check out the new “Schedule” tab. This will show you what Fortis has planned for the next four weeks.

Concrete Placement: 9/24-9/28 Updates

Concrete for the large clinic will be installed at 4:30 AM this week so to not interfere with the small animal clinic hours. In addition, the acid sampling vault will be moved and the communication vault will be configured. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation underground will begin.

The excavation for the lecture hall footings will continue.

Putting the Foot Down: 9/10-9/14 Updates

As work continues this week at the Magruder Hall Expansion, the main focus will remain on the clinic side of the expansion.

Fortis is putting the foot down on the footings for the clinic. This week they will be digging the footings for the new clinic, as well as, making grade adjustments and compacting. Dump trucks will remain onsite this week for removing the spoils from the excavation of the footings.

On Wednesday 9/12 the main door entrance will be CLOSED for the day, as they dig for a footing. Please find an alternative route for the day, a campus notification was sent out 9/11 to the OSU community.

The later half of the week, forming and placing rebar for the footings will take place as they prep for the concrete pour.

In addition to the footing work, the lay down yard, as noted on the site plans, will see activity including forklift use and traffic and connecting power for the temporary trailers out of the arena electrical room. We ask for your continued patience as Fortis continues to build our wonderful new clinic and lecture hall.

Pushing Forward after Holiday Weekend: 9/4-9/7 Update

After Fortis took the well-earned 3-day weekend for Labor Day, their crews continue working diligently on the construction of the new clinic and lecture hall.

This week’s activities will be a continuation from last week. Please refer to the previous post for a description of current site work.

We will keep you updated as construction progresses!

Continued Work on Clinic 8/27-8/31

Rock delivery for building slab

Work continues on the Magruder Expansion as preparation for the clinic footings set the base for a new building!

Please note that you will continue to see dump trucks in the hospital parking lot. Refer to last week’s post for safely maneuvering around the trucks and parking lot. There will be dump trucks bringing in rock for the building slab,  and removing the excess soil from digging the foots.

Over the course of the week, you will notice the set up of control lines and batter boards.  On the larger impact of the total project,  Fortis will begin setting up and forming footings.  We are getting just a little closer to noticing major physical changes for the expansion!

Other heavy equipment and trucks will be present this week for material deliveries at the staging yard.

Noise levels will remain consistent from previous weeks.


Large Equipment on Site This Week 8/20-8/24

Excavation will continue for slabs and footings for the new clinic. Please be aware of dump truck entering in and out of the hospital parking lot, as they will be hauling out soil.

With this in mind, if you find yourself in the hospital parking lot while there are dump trucks coming and going and notice them starting to move, please make eye contact with the driver. This helps make them aware of your movements and the potential impact to their required maneuvers. Most of all, this helps keeps everyone on the job site and in the area safe.

There will also be digging this week to begin rerouting the current irrigation main waterline to accommodate for the new lecture hall and clinic. At this time, you might also notice a small amount of ground piping work that will be taking place this week.

Expect a little bit of noise this week, a portion of asphalt will be removed from where the future clinic will stand.

Prep work continues for expansion

For 8/13-8/17

As site prep continues for the new clinic and lecture hall, this week you will notice a little more light shining into the current Magruder Hall. Trees at both site locations have been removed, this week the stumps and logs will be removed and work will begin to clear bushing and land.

Please be aware when using the hospital parking, there will be removal of a concrete sidewalk and the start of excavation for footings and slabs for the clinic.

Throughout the week, we may also notice a bucket truck working on site, this is to install temporary power to the construction trailer.

There will also be some civil work started, as pot holing for sewer lines will also begin this week.

August 6 – August 13 Construction Activities

Tree Removal will continue to take place over the next week, the main areas of tree removal will be located on the future sites for the clinic and lecture hall. This will be near the main entrance to the animal hospital and the grass lot just north of the Magruder B2 parking lot. Steps have been taken to protect pedestrians at both locations.

Also expect to see the beginning of excavation just north of the Magruder B2 parking lot once tree removal is complete, expect normal construction noise.

Electrical work will also be taking place throughout the site and inside the existing Magruder building. This includes the relocation of existing light poles and electrical work inside Magruder. Also expect a notification for an electrical shut down for a tie in.

The areas of work for this week can be seen on the site plan