Big Changes 10/29 through 11/2

The Clinic 

On the clinic site, this week the concrete masonry units (CMU) will begin to be installed. CMU blocks are often one of the most versatile materials on site and chosen by many architects and engineers.

CMU blocks can provide:

  • Structural Aid
  • Fire Safety
  • Sound Control
  • many other non-construction related uses

Demo to the existing clinic exterior will also begin in order for the steel ties to be connected to adjoin the two buildings.

The Lecture Hall

This week, many activities will take place in progress of the new lecture hall! Our Fortis Crew will be installing rebar and electrical rough in for the preparation oh the slab on grade (SOG) concrete pour, which will also be taking place this week. The slab on grade concrete pour will  essentially set the base in which the rest of the lecture hall will be built around.


Finally this week, the grade compaction for the LINAC addition will be completed. Above, you can see the grade compaction work from Friday 10/26.

Please check out Photos and Schedule for additional updates!

10/22-10/26 weekly update, moving upward and onward!

This week, Fortis will start off working hard to remove the forms, from last weeks foundation concrete pour and doing a general clean up related to the foundation of the clinic. Fortis will continue to make way for additional clinic parking and finish off clearing the island in the hospital parking lot.

The clinic will be rising to new heights this week, the steel will be delivered and the erection of the framing will begin! From here, you can really start seeing the physical changes in constructing the new clinic.

On the lecture hall side of the site, the mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins in the slab foundation will finish up and inspected by the City of Corvallis by the end of the week.

Overall the LINAC addition, they’ll be forming the mat footings. A mat footing is a thick concrete slab reinforced with steel which covers the entire contact area of the structure like a thick floor. Here’s a visual for reference;

Last on the ‘to do’ list for the week, Fortis will be having a bit of a scavenger hunt as they investigate the existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing in Magruder Hall.

As always, you can find updated pictures and schedule under their respective tabs.

Concrete Pour 10/19

Starting tomorrow at 4am, Fortis will begin pouring concrete slab for the new clinic. We are expecting to pour about 170sq. yds. of concrete for the new foundation.

Please be patient and aware of concrete trucks in and around the hospital parking lot.

Updates for 10/15 through 10/19

For the new clinic, this week Fortis will be working on the slab edge forming and the slab rebar installation in preparation of an early morning concrete slab on grade pour starting at 4 am Friday the 19th.

In the parking lot, they will be clearing out the island to make room for additional clinic parking.

On the other side of Magruder, the lecture hall will have the electrical and plumbing roughed in.  Also, they will be excavating for the footing for the LINAC addition.

to check out updated photos and the 4 week outlook schedule click the photos tab at the top of the page.

Sewer Tie-in 10/12

The first floor of Magruder Hall and the North Small Animal Hospital Wing sewer line will be shut on from 5:00 am to 8:00 am Friday, October 12th.  Restrooms and sinks in these areas will be CLOSED for the duration of the tie in of the new sewer line to the existing line.

Fortis will be working hard to get this done as quick as possible, thank you for patience.

Construction ‘Falling’ into Place

On Monday 10/8 the Fortis crew will begin the concrete pour for the footings at the new lecture hall.

Over at the clinic location, work will continue for underground mechanical, electrical and plumbing (i.e. MEP) installation. The clinic will also be having backfill and slab on grade prep, slabs are of concrete and can be reinforced. Slabs can be thicken, typically on the underside to support interior load-bearing members.

Excavation for the LINAC addition will also take place this week.

Utilities are Coming in! Update for 10/1-10/5

For the first week of October Fortis will be working on installing under the slab electrical conduits and a new sanitary sewer line.

Continuing on the clinic side of the expansion, they will be finishing forming the footings and back filing around them.

Work will start to heat up on the new lecture hall, as they start the forming for the footings, laying out the bolt template and installing rebar.

Also this week they will be surveying LINAC.

To keep up to date will the schedule for the new lecture hall and clinic, check out the new “Schedule” tab. This will show you what Fortis has planned for the next four weeks.

Concrete Placement: 9/24-9/28 Updates

Concrete for the large clinic will be installed at 4:30 AM this week so to not interfere with the small animal clinic hours. In addition, the acid sampling vault will be moved and the communication vault will be configured. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation underground will begin.

The excavation for the lecture hall footings will continue.

Putting the Foot Down: 9/10-9/14 Updates

As work continues this week at the Magruder Hall Expansion, the main focus will remain on the clinic side of the expansion.

Fortis is putting the foot down on the footings for the clinic. This week they will be digging the footings for the new clinic, as well as, making grade adjustments and compacting. Dump trucks will remain onsite this week for removing the spoils from the excavation of the footings.

On Wednesday 9/12 the main door entrance will be CLOSED for the day, as they dig for a footing. Please find an alternative route for the day, a campus notification was sent out 9/11 to the OSU community.

The later half of the week, forming and placing rebar for the footings will take place as they prep for the concrete pour.

In addition to the footing work, the lay down yard, as noted on the site plans, will see activity including forklift use and traffic and connecting power for the temporary trailers out of the arena electrical room. We ask for your continued patience as Fortis continues to build our wonderful new clinic and lecture hall.