Starting to look like a building, Weekly Update 2/11-2/15

If you have been by Magruder Hall, you’ve seen the major changes taking place with the new expansion. Over the upcoming weeks, this expansion will start taking shape as actually buildings and becoming an integrated foundation to Magruder Hall and the Veterinary College Community.

In the terms of major milestones, the roofing for the clinic will start today, Monday the 11th.  The installation of the exterior stub walls will also start this morning. Then, the clinic will also continue the interior framing from last week, which will also continue over to next week. HVAC will also start on the first floor of the clinic with the installation of the supply and return ductwork.

There will be fewer activities taking place in the lecture hall with only the continuation of the framing installation on the schedule.

LINAC will see a multitude of activities with continuing the plumbing and electrical slab rough ins from last week. Starting mid week will be the preparation under the slab overhang and rounding out the week with setting the slab edge form to prepare for the slab pour early next week.

Make sure to check out the photos for a SNEAK PEEK at the interior of the clinic and LINAC addition!

Weekly Update 2/4-2/8

The majority of the site work will take place around the clinic this week. Continuing on from last week, the crews will be prepping for the vestibule footing prep and the interior framing. New this week, the fire suppression system will begin to be installed.

The lecture hall framing will also continue and the slab on grade mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough in at LINAC.

While the to-do list is short this week, these are major components of the Magruder Expansion and we’ll start noticing more physical changes in the project.

Weekly Update 1/28-2/1

At the clinic, crews will be prepping for the footings for the vestibule, which is essentially an antechamber, hall, or lobby next to the outer door of a building. In which,  a chamber or channel opening into another. Also happening this week at the clinic, you will notice that the exterior framing will start to go up.

The lecture hall will also see framing happening this week. As well as, the installation of the roof deck.  A roof deck consist of  the roofing material between the structural components (the trusses and joists) and the insulation and weatherproofing layers (roof materials, coatings, layers, etc.). The roof deck is such an important part of a building because its the overall backbone of the complete roofing system.

Carrying on with framing, LINAC exterior framing will also be going up this week.

Pushing through MLK jr. Day- Weekly Update 1/21-1/25

As the OSU community enjoyed a extended weekend in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday the 21st, Fortis and their team were hard at work continuing with the Magruder Expansion.

The next several weeks are planned to be very busy over the three site locations and tying in with the existing Magruder Hall.

At the clinic, T. Gerding will be working on the exterior stub walls. While WPI will finish out the exterior framing of the east side of the clinic today and complete the south side framing from Wednesday through Friday.  Overlying the entire week, WPI will be installing exterior sheeting which is planned to carry over to next week. Hammerquist plans on finishing up the rain drain piping on the first floor by mid-week and start the rain drain piping on the second floor. Finally at the clinic, Pacific Excavation will begin digging for the vestibule, which is a small room next to the outer door and connecting it with the interior of the building.

Over at the new lecture hall, T. Gerding will be installing the exterior stub walls. Also, Corona will continue with the structural steel installation for the entirety of this week and next. Finally the conduit for the feeders should finish up early this week.

The focus at LINAC during the beginning of the week will be tying up loose ends. T. Gerding will finish placing the slab rebar and working on the slab edge form. Also the plumbing and electrical rough-in should be complete by the end of day on Wednesday. Then the final slab prep for the under overhang will be completed for the concrete slab pour on Friday, the 25th. Please keep an eye for the concrete trucks in the hospital parking lot on this day.

In the existing Magruder Hall, running wires for J-hooks and installing J-hooks will take place over the next week and a half.

Also, make sure to stay up to date with the 4-week schedule outlook and site photos!

Major Milestones met during 1/14-1/18

Today, Monday January 14th, 2019 marks some important milestones in the construction of the Magruder Expansion. Starting today, the concrete pour will begin for the clinic’s slab on metal deck roof, which is expected to continue into Wednesday. Also, the start of the structural steel for the lecture hall. Installation will begin on Wednesday and continue through the end of January.

In other events for the Magruder Expansion- the beginning of the week at the clinic exterior framing for the north side of the building will be completed and moving into exterior framing of the east side of the building which will run through the beginning of next week. It’s currently expected that the exterior sheeting installation that begins today will carry into at least the beginning of February. Lastly at the clinic, work for the rain drains will be completed midweek.

At the lecture hall, the majority of the focus is centered around beginning the installation of the structural steel. At the end of the week, work will start on installing a new 12″ storm line for the lecture hall.

The site of the LINAC addition will be busy this week, continuing from last week; the LINAC walls will finish out being stripped, by the end of the week the plumbing and electrical concrete rough-ins should be complete, and continuation of working on the slab edge forms.

Working with the existing Magruder Hall, this week they will be tying into the existing water and running new electrical conduit down the hallway by the lecture hall.

Make sure to stay up to date with the current schedule and work site photos!

Kicking off the New Year 12/31- 1/4

With the New Year falling on Tuesday this year, the construction team will be taking the day off to spend with their families,  as the university will also be observing this holiday.

Throughout the rest of the week, the completion of the structural steel for the clinic will be a main focus as they prepare to move onto laying the rebar for the slab on metal decking. At the same time, they will be roughing-in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing for the SOMD (slab on metal decking).

The purpose of adding the reinforced rebar to the concrete slab on a metal deck is to add structural stability. Decking acts as an effective lateral restraint for the beams and can be designed to redistribute wind loads during construction.  Steel is also known to be more sustainable, as 94% of all steal from a demolished building can be reused or recycled. The speed of construction is also greatly effected by using decking, on average 400m^2 of decking can be placed and installed by a single team in less than one day.

For more information about the use of steel decking, check out Composite Slabs and Beams using Steel Decking: Best Practice for Design and Construction.

The Lecture hall will continue to see the brick CMU walls to be built to create the exterior.  Except this to continue through the middle of next week.

The LINAC addition will see some action as the roof will be getting framed and prepping for the slab on grade concrete pour.

Major Tasks Continuing into Weekly Update for 12/17-12/21

At the new clinic, Fortis and the crew will be starting on the steel deck and the rebar deck installation. These picture show example of what the steel and rebar decks are comprised of.

Steel decks have been a technique used in the construction industry for over 75 years. A steel deck is essentially a cold formed corrugated steel sheet supported by steel beams and in many cases it is used to support concrete or insulating membrane of a floor or roof.

The rebar deck acts as a reinforcement and provide strength and a mechanical steel bond.

At LINAC the construction on forming the concrete ceiling and prepping for the next concrete slab pour will continue from last week.

Additionally, the construction CMU will continued to be laid and work on the plumbing , mechanical and electrical from the existing Magruder Hall will continue as previous weeks.

Finishing out the week- Weekly Update 12/11-12/14

Fortis and the team over at Magruder has been working extremely hard. To finish out the remaining of the week, very physical changes will be noticeable.

at the LINAC addition, all of the concrete pouring will be happening this week, just in time for T. Gerding to start forming the roof for the remaining of December and into the new year. As well as Pacific Excavation prepping for the concrete slab underneath the overhang of LINAC, which will also continue work into the new year.

The clinic will also have some major noticeable changes over the next couple of weeks. Corona will be flying and setting structural steel, forming more of what will be the new clinic. The structural steel stairs are expected to be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th. Please prepare for delays as our crew gets things unloaded.

Davidsons will be at the Lecture Hall site installing the CMU concrete blocks through the new year, giving walls and providing a clearer view of what the new lecture hall will look like. Also there will be the sanitary pipe installation for the lecture hall this week.

Overall, Hammerquist and E.C.  will both continue working on connecting the plumbing, mechanical and electrical from the existing Magruder Hall.

Kicking off December at Magruder- 12/3-12/7 Weekly Update

Fortis and the crew at kicking off December strong and steady. We are truly appreciative of everyone working on the Magruder Addition this Holiday Season. We wish every member of the Magruder Team and their families a warm and joyful holiday.

In the meantime, at the Clinic we will continue to see the CMU brick installation continue, as the building to take shape.

The new storm and sanity lines will be installed this week at the Lecture hall location.

Finally, we will see a lot going on at the LINAC addition as they rough in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing before the concrete pour for the walls on Thursday the 6th.

Turkey Day makes for a Shorter Work Week, 11/19-11/23 Update

As Thanksgiving is upon us this coming Thursday, November 22nd  and we gather with our friends and family, the University will be observing the holiday on both the 22nd and 23rd.

Fortis and their fantastic subcontractors will also be taking Thursday-Sunday off to spend time with their loved ones. Construction will be up and running at full force Monday the 26th.

During this 3-day week, there will still be plenty happening on site. At the clinic location, the CMU installation will continue as they plan to wrap up at the end of next week.

Over at the location for the new lecture hall, Pacific Excavation will continue laying the underground storm and sewer piping and will tie in to the main sewer line on Wednesday the 21st.

T. Gerding will continue to form the walls at the LINAC addition for the next several weeks and the structural rebar will be delivered Wednesday. So please be aware of moving equipment in the hospital parking lot.

Overall, Hammerquist will still be working on their investigation and routing for plumbing and E.C. Electric will be working on the electrical piping inside the building.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our team to yours!

For an updated schedule and pictures, please see the tabs above!