Kicking off the New Year 12/31- 1/4

With the New Year falling on Tuesday this year, the construction team will be taking the day off to spend with their families,  as the university will also be observing this holiday.

Throughout the rest of the week, the completion of the structural steel for the clinic will be a main focus as they prepare to move onto laying the rebar for the slab on metal decking. At the same time, they will be roughing-in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing for the SOMD (slab on metal decking).

The purpose of adding the reinforced rebar to the concrete slab on a metal deck is to add structural stability. Decking acts as an effective lateral restraint for the beams and can be designed to redistribute wind loads during construction.  Steel is also known to be more sustainable, as 94% of all steal from a demolished building can be reused or recycled. The speed of construction is also greatly effected by using decking, on average 400m^2 of decking can be placed and installed by a single team in less than one day.

For more information about the use of steel decking, check out Composite Slabs and Beams using Steel Decking: Best Practice for Design and Construction.

The Lecture hall will continue to see the brick CMU walls to be built to create the exterior.  Except this to continue through the middle of next week.

The LINAC addition will see some action as the roof will be getting framed and prepping for the slab on grade concrete pour.

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