Finishing out the week- Weekly Update 12/11-12/14

Fortis and the team over at Magruder has been working extremely hard. To finish out the remaining of the week, very physical changes will be noticeable.

at the LINAC addition, all of the concrete pouring will be happening this week, just in time for T. Gerding to start forming the roof for the remaining of December and into the new year. As well as Pacific Excavation prepping for the concrete slab underneath the overhang of LINAC, which will also continue work into the new year.

The clinic will also have some major noticeable changes over the next couple of weeks. Corona will be flying and setting structural steel, forming more of what will be the new clinic. The structural steel stairs are expected to be delivered tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th. Please prepare for delays as our crew gets things unloaded.

Davidsons will be at the Lecture Hall site installing the CMU concrete blocks through the new year, giving walls and providing a clearer view of what the new lecture hall will look like. Also there will be the sanitary pipe installation for the lecture hall this week.

Overall, Hammerquist and E.C.  will both continue working on connecting the plumbing, mechanical and electrical from the existing Magruder Hall.

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