Continued Work on Clinic 8/27-8/31

Rock delivery for building slab

Work continues on the Magruder Expansion as preparation for the clinic footings set the base for a new building!

Please note that you will continue to see dump trucks in the hospital parking lot. Refer to last week’s post for safely maneuvering around the trucks and parking lot. There will be dump trucks bringing in rock for the building slab,  and removing the excess soil from digging the foots.

Over the course of the week, you will notice the set up of control lines and batter boards.  On the larger impact of the total project,  Fortis will begin setting up and forming footings.  We are getting just a little closer to noticing major physical changes for the expansion!

Other heavy equipment and trucks will be present this week for material deliveries at the staging yard.

Noise levels will remain consistent from previous weeks.


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