The Lukas Lab is currently accepting applications for graduate students.  Prospective students, please email:

Research Technician

Logan Clark








Graduate Students: 

Brogan Watson, Master of Science student, Expected 2020








Pooja Yadav. M.S, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.  In  admittance process.








Donaldson, Andrew. MS, Horticulture, Compatibility of interseeding cover crops into sweet corn production systems. Graduated 2019.

Waggoner, Ashley, L. PhD, Crop and Soil Science, The influence of dairy digester effluent on nitrification in coastal soils.









Internship students: 

Timothy Gould.  Blue Mountian Community College Intern, 2019








Jared Farber. OSU Branch Experiment Station Intern, 2019








Victoria Branch (2018)








Katie Emerson (2018)








Graham Shaw (2017)








Technical research assistants: 

Hayden Cissna (2018)





Olivia Hankle (2017)

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