Evaluation of seeding date, planting density, and crop manipulation on the biomass of hemp grown in the Columbia Basin.

Management of irrigation parameters and water-use-efficiency through advanced soil and remote sensing technologies

Evaluation of soil acidification methods for organic blueberry production in the Columbia Basin

Field evaluation of new watermelon grafting methods to reduce verticillium wilt

Reduction of pythium rot in potato through new chemistries

International Sweet Corn Development Association (ISCDA) multi-state seed treatment evaluation to increase crop productivity and reduce total chemical usage

Evaluation of 38 broccoli varieties for heat tolerance and production in the Columbia Basin

Reducing Nitrate Losses in Onion Production Systems in the Lower Umatilla Basin Groundwater Management Area through Soil Moisture Optimization Methods

Optimizing ground and surface water resources for agricultural production, drinking water quality and ecosystem health in the Umatilla Basin, OR Phase I

Invasive weeds, Fire, and Livestock Grazing -Understanding the Impact of Interacting Stressors on Native Pollinator Health in Range and Pasturelands

Evaluation of crop maturity based on growing degree-day accumulation over four planting dates on the yield and head characteristics of six broccoli varieties.

Evaluation of new chemical technologies for common groundsel weed control in onion production systems

Efficacy testing of organic drip injected soil treatments applied pre-plant and/or in-season for controlling Fusarium Wilt in watermelons as an alternative to traditional fumigants

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