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Wimbledon Pictures from Wimbledon

Court 1 Court 1

Novak Djokovic Novak Djokovic

Serena Williams Serena Williams

Here are those pictures I have been promising from Wimbledon, but I still am computer illiterate, and cannot turn some of them right side up.  It is driving me crazy, but on another note my internship and travels have been great.

This past weekend I went to Edinburgh, Scotland. It is a hilling town, and very historical.  Many of you all would know it as being the main place of work, power, and castle home of William Wallace, or otherwise known as Mel Gibson in the Brave Heart.   Great movie, and actually pretty historically correct, that coming straight from some Scottish Men I met at a pub.
My friend and I stayed in stayed the night in a castle about 25 minutes out of town called Dalhousie Castle.  It was beautiful, and relaxing.  Scotland is the country getaway for many Londoners’.

Over this week I have been working very heard on putting together some excel documents that evaluate a client’s assets, and also depicts areas for improvement.  I am really enjoying everything I have done up to this point.

Below are pictures of Edinburgh and the castle I stayed in, which date back to the 13th century!

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London’s Finest – Science and Art

Visited the British Museum the other day.  One of the world’s largest and greatest facilities for the arts and sciences of the world.  The Egyptian exhibit was awesome.  Mummies, to sculptures, to pyramids.  All Free too!  This is a place to visit when your in London town.

As well the British Museum, I also visited Greenwich.  This is where one spot of the Prime Meridian is found.  I stood in both hemispheres at once, and changed my clock to the exact time of the world.  Pretty Cool!

Pictures to come of Both Sights!

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Westminister Abbey

Flip it 90 degrees…sorry!

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Buckingham Palace

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Up and Going!

So…I’m back at it…blogging will be consistent from hear on out. Promise! I plan on having 2-3 new posts every week.  I ended up going back to the States for four days including travel (2 whole days of flying…rough) to celebrate my friend’s life, and give support to my friends.  Before leaving I have been hard at work at my internship with St. James Place.

My internship has opened my eyes to a whole new side of finance…client relations.  This is a awesome part of finance. Once, you have been in the industry, have a solid understanding of its workings, your goal should be to limit your clients to a high net worth list, and entertain them, as other fund managers actually calculate, and manage the money for you.  This is what my boss does, Maria Kyrtisis, has been in the industry forever, and now basis her career on client relations and making sure her clients are happy.

I support her in these endeavors of entertainment, from attending lunches to going to Wimbledon for the renowned tennis tournament.  At every place I meet clients and update them on their investments, and help take notes on any financial plans they may want to change or update.  As well, I am creating excel documents that will easily depict a clients investments for a clearer understanding then what the fund managers offer in documentation.

In addition, to my internship I have done some sight seeing to London.  Below are a few pictures of some of the major sights to London.  The pictures include Westminster Abbey, Parliament/Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the typical British phone-booth, and Wimbledon pictures.

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A different start to a still awesome experience!

To: OSU, Lambda Chi Alpha & Greek Life, Andrea, and the Thompson Family,

I was to start this blog days ago when I first arrived in London, England for a finance internship, and later for a study abroad program in Lund, Sweden.  I arrived this past Saturday at 7:30am at the London Heathrow Airport.   It has been an amazing and great experience until I was thrown my first big challenge to understand and overcome while also being so far away from home – to those that do not know, I and many others of the Sherwood and OSU communities lost a friend, brother, and amazing gentleman, Cody Thompson today.

I am simply shocked at the moment, and frustrated at the distance between myself and the people I need to support in Portland. As I have spent the last hours attempting to process my feelings and emotions, I have decided to write to everyone about getting the most out of life.  You really never know when it will end. Cody Thompson is one who lived everyday to the fullest, and I myself am going to do the same while hear in Europe.

I am staying in Nido Place, a large apartment complex specifically for international students.  There are some awesome people hear from all across the world, and lucky for me, they all know how to speak a little bit of English.  I have a cool roommate from Italy, named Marco.  He is a quite person, but a good roommate to have.

I started my amazing internship this past Monday.  I had a slight change of companies once I landed, because the previous company did not need an intern so they graciously past me onto their partners St. James Place Partnership.  St. James Place is a wealth management firm, who financially advises some of the wealthiest Middle Easterner and European families.   I will be sure to write more on the crazy transition, the internship itself, and some of its specifics later.

Every night I have gone out to see the city.  It is very difficult to explain the awesomeness of it all.  The city, its design, and character is amazing!  Pictures will hopefully speak a 1,000 words.

As I wrap up my first post of many, I want to reinforce the meaning and purpose of this post.  Live everyday as it is your last, love and share your love for everyone, because at any moment it may move on to a better place called heaven.  I love OSU and everyone who is part of it, even those that now live in spirit.

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