About Alexander Michels, PhD

Alexander Michels is a Research Associate and Communications Officer for the Linus Pauling Institute. He has an extensive background in the research on vitamin C, with a specialty in understanding vitamin C transport through the body. His expertise also extends to research on other aspects of antioxidant vitamin metabolism and the action of phytochemicals.

Friends and followers of the Linus Pauling Institute,

My name is Joseph Beckman, a principal investigator at the Linus Pauling Institute that works on ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease). Without repeating myself too much, I would like to point everyone to a summary of our advances in ALS research that came out in early 2016, shortly after our paper on Copper-ATSM was published. A post on the ALS research forum presents a good, independent summary of that  work.

Since then, the response from the ALS community has been extremely touching. Regrettably, I have fallen far behind in answering the requests from patients and their families, but I want to start making amends by taking this moment to update everyone on several developments in this field.

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Adrian Gombart, PhD - Expert on Vitamin DAdrian Gombart, Ph.D., is the Linus Pauling Institute’s resident expert on vitamin D. The institute hosted a free webinar with him, discussing the role of vitamin D in bone health, cancer prevention, fighting infections, and supporting the immune system. We present it here, along with his follow-up answers to audience questions.


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