OSU Libraries now has access to the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center as part of the statewide database licensing contract with Gale.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center pulls together background information and pro & con viewpoints about current social issues. The database includes:

  • Nearly 7,000 viewpoint articles
  • 41 complete titles from the Information Plus reference program
  • More than 275 primary documents
  • 300 biographies of social activists and reformers
  • Nearly 5,000 statistical tables, charts and graphs
  • Nearly 4,600 topic overviews that provide context for the issues
  • More than 775 court-case overviews
  • 334 profiles of federal agencies and special interest groups
  • 2,000 links to reviewed and subject-indexed Web sites
  • More than 1,300 images, all hand-selected to support the topics covered
  • More than 135 full-text periodicals and newspapers
  • Podcasts from the Weekly Presidential Radio Address
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