By Katy Krieger

Welcome back to OSU for spring term everyone! Here are a few personal tricks I employ to beat spring fever and stay focused for the last term of the academic year.

Schedule mini breaks in between all of your homework and studying. You will work better knowing you have a reward coming to you and you’ll get some of that sunshine in so you can head into summer with a nice glow.

Write out weekly due dates and plan ahead when it comes to papers and projects. Having to do your work later can be bad when all of your friends are outside or at the coast celebrating without you and you’re stuck at home.

Limit what you are involved with or the number of plans you make; having too many can make you even more stressed (which you definitely don’t want).

Avoid sickness by eating healthy food, getting lots of rest, and washing your hands constantly!

Prioritize and organize your life: Use planners, phone reminders, or anything else that may help you to stay focused on your work.

Work on bigger assignments in stages or study in between classes to get everything in that you want to accomplish each day. Taking 10 minutes to read over notes will save you loads of time and will reduce pre-test stress!

And for all you seniors at there about to start your last term at OSU, keep your eyes on the prize (attend class, do your reading and turn your work in on time)! You don’t want to fail one of your last undergraduate classes this term and have to stay another term and finish up in the summer.

Have a great term everyone and remember to save time for a little spring fun when you’re working so hard!

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