It’s summer in Corvallis. The flowers are beautiful, once again the OSU baseball team is in the regionals of the College World Series, and on June 15th, OSU will hold its 150th commencement. Among the almost 7,000 graduates are 11 very talented Lake County kids.There have been a lot of talented OSU graduates from Lake County  ever since the Daly Fund was established. If you look at them as a group there are important differences between them and other graduates. Continue reading
% of Americans who earn more than their parents

The American Dream of upward mobility is disappearing for many, but not all. In the 1940s, about 90% of children grew up to earn more than their parents; today only about half earn more than their parents. Economist Raj Chetty and his colleagues recently released a study and remarkable web-based tool revealing that, when it comes to upward mobility, place matters. Chetty and his colleagues used data from tax and census records to track data for more than 20 million Americans back to the neighborhoods where they grew up. In high-density urban areas, using the on-line tool, researchers have found that only a few blocks can make all the difference to educational attainment and future earnings (see Continue reading