One question leads to another, and another… I noticed that the Lakeview High School graduating classes were especially large in the 1970’s. When I asked about it, people told me that those were the years when kids from Bly attended high school in Lakeview. Caused me to wonder: What was it like for the Bly kids? Long bus rides, knowing that the other kids were eligible for the Daly scholarship and they weren’t? 

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Matt Shuman, OSU Engineering

Following in the tradition established some years ago by Lakeview math teacher (and OSU alum) Noni Vandenberg, talented 8th grade Lakeview math students made their annual visit to OSU. This year the students learned about robotics at OSU from Matt Shuman who teaches engineering design and coaches the OSU robotics team. Matt talked with the students about the importance of math in all of engineering and especially in the design of robots. We met Cassie, a walking robot designed by OSU faculty and students, and saw the Mars rover robot designed and built by the OSU student robotics club that won an international competition. Continue reading