Whitney L. Crittenden – Candidate, MS, Fisheries and Wildlife Administration (PSM)

          In 2012, I received a BS in Biology (Marine Emphasis) from Western Washington University.  After graduation, I accepted a position as a fisheries observer in the North Pacific Groundfish fishery in Alaska.  Upon deciding to retire my “sea-legs”, I was hired to be the Lead Research Technician for Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association where I serve as member of the research team responsible for evaluating salmon hatchery programs. So far, my career has been centered around the technical aspects surrounding biological sampling, otolith marking and reading, coded wire tagging and recovery, and pathology.


Elizabeth R. Jackson – Candidate, MS, Fisheries and Wildlife Administration (PSM)

           In 2009, I received a B.A. in Environmental Science from Clark University (Worcester, MA).  Since then, I have worked as a field technician and crew leader in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Oregon, New Mexico, Texas, and finally, Washington.  I now live in Wenatchee, the “Apple Capital of the World.”  My primary professional and academic interests involve assessing the ecological, political, and social factors that drive contemporary natural resource policy and management decisions.


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