5 Simple Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion

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Having an excellent landing page is the gateway to successful conversion, which as a marketer, should be your main goal. The big bummer? Landing page conversion is typically low. These five simple ways to increase your landing page conversions should give you a head start to creating a successful landing page!

Step One: The Acronyms, The Foundation

NSAMCWADLP! You may be thinking “What in the heck is NSAMCWADLP?” Never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page, which ironically is our first step to increasing conversion rates. You have to have a landing page to get a great conversion rate! But to do so you have to follow NBALPWACG, which stands for, never build a landing page without a campaign goal. These two acronyms are the foundation to creating a successful landing page with great conversion! You want to have a clear campaign goal in mind when creating your landing page so that you are set up for success in your campaign.

Step Two: Page Formatting

Page formatting is a key way to increase your landing page conversion rate by setting the page up using attention driven design to apply focus to your conversion goal! The key to page formatting? Attention and intention. The important thing to note here is the attention ratio, your attention ratio is the number of things you can do on a page versus the number of things you should be doing. As your attention ratio goes down, your conversion rates go up, and that’s why you’re here right?

Step Three: Be Fast

Another way to improve your conversion rate is loading speed. A slow landing page is one of the easiest ways to wreck your conversion rate, so be sure that the elements of your landing page aren’t slowing you down!

Step Four: Consistency is Key

Consistency is key in a variety of aspects of your landing page! Be sure that the offer, copy, and visuals are consistent with your advertisement. There is nothing more discouraging to a consumer than an inconsistent landing page. A consumers experience after clicking on your ad should be a seamless transition! If your consumer has an easy time understanding your landing page and call to action from your advertisement, your conversion will rise.

Step Five: Testing, Testing 123

Once you have built your landing page test it out! Your first page may not be your most successful, but A/B testing can help you to decipher what elements of your landing page are great and which need improvement to increase your conversion. Testing will let you know what is working with your audience, so you can create the best version of your landing page, appeal to your audience, and increase your conversion rate. This way everybody wins!

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