5 ways to increase landing page conversion

Before we start discuss about how exactly we can do to increase our landing page conversion, let start by discussing: what is landing Page conversion’s purpose? Gaining as more attention as possible! You got to admit, the first picture that showed above is something that make you stay here and read whatever this blog will post next. That is the reason why you should take a good look at 5 ways that might give your viewer a reason to stay on your page same as you do right now.

Attractive pictures or photos

Modern people, especially the younger generation, they scan website and pages within a few minutes or even a few seconds. Therefore, how can a business catch people’s attention in a short amount of time? We might find some answers through ” why is Instagram so popular ( Link) “. In this article, it emphasizes Instagram is an image first app, people use it because it is easy to understand the contents. In other words, people are more likely to read the message through the photographs instead of words. Therefore, a well-designed photograph is the very first step that might trigger the interest of the viewers to discover more about our conversion objectives.

Killer Title

After we catch attention from the viewer among all the ads on the internet, a straight-forward title can be the key factor that decides whether the viewers should click on our ads or ignore it. A killer title is like a 10 seconds interview, we need to impress the interviewers (the viewers) with as lease words as possible and convey our idea properly. Otherwise, they might lose their patience and just said: Next! So we need to pick our words that display on the picture or beside the picture carefully.

Create Curiosity

The next step, give viewers a reason to click on your landing page! Although there are lots of online ads directly say: Click for more details, Want to know more e.g. However, according to our textbook(Section3, Chapter 2, Digital marketing essentials May 2019). Despite the content match issues that it demonstrates later of the paragraph, the sample ad does show something different than others. It points out viewers want to know more about the red fleece vest that was worn by the model without any description of the product! This reminds us one old said: it’s quality rather than quantity that counts.

Content match the advertisement

Alright, we have finally convinced the viewers to give us a chance to see what are we offering in our business. In this stage, we have to ensure the contents we link through the ad are exactly the products(or services) we promote through it. In other words, the very first page right after the viewer clicks on our ad should be the direct detail of the product(or service) itself or at least it should be on the prominent position of the page. If not, the viewer might lose interest and simply just click the “back” button and ruin every effort we put in previously.

Conversion-Centered Sign

According to our textbook( Section 1, Chapter 2, Digital marketing essentials May 2019): a good Website should meet 7 different features. These 7 features are Attention(What’s the action you want your viewers to take?), Context(Where are site visitors come from?), Clarity( Is it clear from a quick scan?), Congruence( Do all the words convey the same idea to the visitors?), Credibility( Can the visitor trust us or the info we provide?), Closing( Use positive messages right before the desired click region), Continuance( Once this section been finished, dose the visitors know what to do next?). These 7 features are like gears that connect to each other, if we failed to achieve any one of them, the whole machine breaks down and we will need to start it over again.

Overall, the 5 steps above are simply suggestions for those who have no idea how to launch a good landing page or struggling in it. In my own opinion, there is no right or wrong answer in the advertising business field. The only difference that makes one good landing page then one bad page is how much attention they attract from this crazy modern world. Therefore, the question is: Are you willing to try?


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