5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

As a millennial web surfer I can tell you there are blogs and websites for just about anything you can think of, unique niches you haven’t even heard of , and inventions you didn’t know you needed, until you saw them on the world wide inter-web.

I’m here to make sure your webpage is the best, most eye catching, important page the people are drawn to! I’ve outlined 5 key points that I think are absolutely crucial when starting your own landing page.

1. Actually make a landing page that reflects your message

One of the biggest problems with landing pages is people don’t believe they need them and they use a generic homepage as their landing page. Dan Shewan from WordStream, explained in his piece ‘The Clueless Marketer’s Guide to Building a Landing Page from Scratch,” that linking ads back to your home page is a mistake because although you think it’s easy to understand and the best layout homepages can be overwhelming and confusing. This is why it is crucial to make a lead page unique for each ad experience you put out there.

2. Simple, Simple, Simple

Once you have a landing page specific to your blog, it’s important your message is clear. Although color scheme doesn’t have a correlation with success, contrasting colors are always more eye catching than other combinations. Another key idea is choose bold print with clear messages, the shorter the message the better. 

3. Make your conversions clear

Too many web pages try to be all encompassing and target too much at once, when it is important to focus on your main goal. Jacob Mcmillan, writer of ‘How to Create a Landing Page from Scratch,’ explains how a landing page is supposed to be the entrance to a funnel, so explain the basis of what you’re doing but don’t get too busy with lengthy tangents or busy themes that distract the potential consumer from what they are there for. If its a subscription company have a clear email box to join, but if its a retail online company make sure your shopping cart is clearly visible! 🙂

4. Customize your theme

Having a logo or at least a clear motto will help people remember who you are and what you represent even after they click away from your site! Think about all your ‘go to’ brands for different things, chances are you can see their logo in your head along with whatever story you associate with them. Including things like ‘about’ pages may seem trivial but help the potential consumer to trust you and your brand more when they put a face to the name of the company.

5. Identify your websites first post and get going!

Finally, and last but not least, you’re on your own! It’s time to identify your first website and get going. It’s important to take all these tips, stick with them, and run with an idea. Anything you put time and effort into will show through to the consumer.

Thank you for following me along for this outline 🙂 I wish you the best of luck in your webpages and hope these tips and tricks can help you along your journey!!

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