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The Jones Lab

Plant Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Megan O’Connell

October 7th, 2013

SHERMAN Megan is interested in plant community dynamics, ecophysiology, and plant – pollinator interactions.  She was a STRI summer intern in 2013 and continued her work in 2014 through an OSU URISC fellowship in Panama where she is collecting functional trait data for several species across the rainfall gradient in Panama.  Megan started a Ph.D. program in Shalene Jha’s lab at UT – Austin in fall of 2014.  Megan’s website and many great photos can be found here.

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  • About Andy Jones

    • Andy Jones is an Assistant Professor in the Botany and Plant Pathology Department at Oregon State University. He has broad interests in the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms responsible for the origin and maintenance of plant diversity.

        Dr. Jones is a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.