H516 Research Methods for International Health

Overview of research methods used to understand health, illness, health care, and health-seeking behavior in international settings. Special emphasis on the use of qualitative and mixed methods in international health research.

H519 Displacement, Migration and Global Health

Critical examination of health of displaced/migrant populations with an emphasis on health disparities and social determinants. Understanding intersections of humanitarianism, migration, vulnerability, and displacement from a global health perspective.

H622 Global Health Systems, Policy and Politics (Spring 2018)

Focuses on learning to identify key stakeholders in the politics of global health, and to be able to describe political and policy processes involved in negotiating global health decisions. Employment of theories and evidence from both the global North and South to explain political processes affecting public health practice and programs.

Contact me for independent study coursework (H505 graduate or H401 undergraduate) focusing on global sexuality, migration, and other emerging topics.

Study Abroad in Bangalore, India


Course Title(s):

  • H225, Individual and Social Determinants of Health (4 cr.)
  • H333, Global Health (3 cr.)
  • H401 Research and Scholarship (2 cr.)

All students will be housed at Green Path Guest House, which is closely located to the Swasti building where classes are held. The accommodations are safe, convenient to public transportation and offer modern conveniences.

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