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During this time of study Galina was the only women working with other scientists that were men. Approximately 1 in 8 people suffer from insomnia in most developed countries. While one or two nights without sleep is a minor inconvenience, weeks or months of sleep deprivation can become unbearable (Laytner, 2008). Gazing into the future, Dr. Mindlin envisions a time when Brain Music Therapy becomes an ordinary part of overall health strategy and part of life. “It is safe, it is natural, and it is healthy,” says Mindlin. “I see it as an opportunity “It is medicine in the form of music,” explains Mindlin in a soothing Russian accent. “You usually take it every day, but it depends on your unique brain architecture. A series of rigorous double-blind scientific studies conducted by its Russian discoverers proved that the full power of Brain Music only works for the listener whose brain created it.” This was reported with an interview from the Today Show and NBC. Dr. Mindlin claims that this brain music is most often played and used when spouses get in fights and arguments to help release their nerves and anger. Also used with bosses and troubles at work to teenage children driving people you crazy. It is as simple as placing head phones on your head and listening to a few songs that clams your entire body and brain down with this relaxing music.

The number has not changed much in the past four years, however men and women using the Brain Music Therapy and taking it seriously has had a huge increase. The amount of public attention this has been receiving in the United States has been a great success. I have seen it on Fox News, NBC, Today Show, and CNN. Galina Mindlin is very famous for her invention and bringing it to the United States. She and Levine co partners have been able to help hundreds of people all around the world with these issues and problems that can be simply fixed by pair of headphones.  By only having a specially designed mesh cap that looks like a black rubber spider web placed over your head, makes it feel sort of like a shower cap. The cap positions tiny cups over certain areas of the skull. The cups are filled with gel that oozes down to your scalp. The gel picks up activity coming from your brain. Electrodes placed in the top of the gel carry those signals to a laptop computer that records your brain waves (Stundell, 2006).   Recording the brain waves is easy and comfortable. This simple EEG (electroencephalogram) recording can be done at Dr. Mindlin’s office or at any properly equipped hospital. After recording your brain waves, the data is sent to a special lab in Moscow that runs it through a special computer program that converts your brain waves into music.

 The file is shipped back and treatment is as easy as slipping on a pair of headphones. The whole process start to finish takes about 45 minutes including filling out a brief psychological questionnaire that helps determine how Dr. Mindlin will direct you to use the Brain Music. The price of the treatment is $550 dollars, far less expensive than any other guided therapy for insomnia, anxiety, or depression.

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