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Financial Analysis

My Dreams:

My dream is to be able to travel to Athens, Greece and San Francisco, California. Ever since I was in middle school I saw pictures of Greece with the gorgeous houses on the mountains in all different colors and the beautiful scenery. I looked into studying abroad in Athens for my junior year of college but because of the price and program I was not able to go; instead I studied in Chillan, Chile.

My reason I really want to travel to San Francisco is because I really want to go to a 49ers football game. That has been a dream of mine since I have been very young. My mother was a 49ers cheerleader. Every year I ask for football tickets to go to SF. I would love to also go over the big red bridge; I always see it on television and want to take pictures of it!

Other people’s experiences:

Other people accomplished going to Athens, Greece by saving money researching the hotels, plane tickets, and things to do while there. Some people were able to go because of having air miles, scholarships, saving money. I would have to go on a budget, I believe most people who have gone and travel have budgets and plans make ahead of time. I found this site called Athens Survival Guide, http://www.athensguide.com/ that gives tips for taking a trip to Athens.

As for San Francisco, my parents have both been there but never have taken me. I have family who live two hours away that we could always stay with, but I would like to stay at least a night or two in San Francisco. My parents said that you need to make sure that you are always aware of your space especially purses and cameras. They said they saved some money before they went because things are expensive.


Barriers that I may face to reach my dreams are being able to save enough money to make reservations and purchase plane tickets. Other things I may have to consider would be the time of year I would want to travel and if I would be able to get time off work. It would be nice to talk to a travel agent or a person who has been there before to know where the good locations are and what things to avoid.

My Needs:

My needs would be driving a car to San Francisco and finding a hotel to stay at for a few nights, and then I could go visit family the other few nights. Then I would need to make plans to get plane tickets from San Francisco to Athens, Greece, which family could drive me to the airport. Next, I would need to check into my hotel and figure out how to get around the city by either bus or taxi. My desires would to be able to go to a football game and drive on the big red bridge. As for Athens, Greece my dream would to go on a tour bus around the city and talk to people who live there to find out the real unique activities and history about Greece.


Current Finances:      
    Monthly Yearly
Net Income   850 10200
  Cell Phone 55 660
  Car Insurance 66 792
  Food 40 480
  Gas 60 720
  Savings 200 2400
  School loans 75 900
  Misc. 300 3600
Total Expenses   796 9552
Disposable Income   54 648


dream vacation:

  Cheapest  Most Expensive
Plane Ticket (roundtrip) 530 1109
Hotels 756 31655.82
Transportation  70 280
Gas 2.52 3.04
Souvenirs 400 900
Sightseeing  70 1050
Food (meals)  168 504
Water parks  35 65
Museums 20 89
Night Life  70 495
Camra  10 200
phone cards 27 92
passport 100 100
Totals 2258.52 36542.86



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