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MySpace history & Information

Information and History of MySpace:

MySpace is a network of communication from teens to adults. People use this network for communication to friends and family through person profiles, blogs, photos, groups, music, and videos. MySpace was launched in 2003 and is available in 15 different languages along with 1600 employees, and registration required. Thomas “Tom” Anderson is the President of the social networking website, MySpace (Perryman). He is one of the people identified as a founder of the site, along with CEO Chris DeWolfe. To be able to access MySpace you will need to be able to access a computer with internet.

A few important things to know about when using MySpace:

·        Be alert when adding new friends. This means be aware of strangers and creepy people you do not know. 

·        MySpace has hundreds of different websites that have given you free layouts, backgrounds, and graphics.

·        They have a spot where you can add music a choice from over thousand different songs, bands, and genres along with comedy.

For using MySpace there is no perquisite skills needed to have an account. They have made everything simple so that any aged person is able to use it.


Personal Experiences:

The amount of people who have a MySpace is amazing I could not find a website that told me the exact number of people that have one but when I checked my network of friends is said 287,985 so it is getting close to 300 million people who have MySpace account. Peoples experiences with MySpace range on a huge scale for example: I use MySpace twice a week to keep in touch with family and friends that is the only thing I use it for. However, other people use MySpace has a dating resource and people have had positive and negative influences with this network called MySpace.http://myspacekillers.com/. And http://search.cnn.com/search.jsp?query=killers on myspace&type=web&sortBy=date&intl=false websites show that people have been harassed, threatened, and people have even found information and killed people from not being smart when meeting these strangers. PLEASE if you do meet someone on MySpace meet in a public location, bring a friend, and have a plan. But just because this has happened do not mean that it will happen to everyone. It can be a very beneficial network tool to communicate, show pictures and videos, and search for old friends and family.

What you will be learning how to do is learn how to send messages, read messages, upload pictures, and add friends/ search friends. Companies, schools, professors, and parents also use MySpace to keep an eye out on employer’s current or future employees, students, and children.

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