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How to use MySpace

Here are the steps you will be following to complete the tasks you will be learning:

1)      Login into account (Figure 1)

2)      Click on “Home” button on the top of the page (Figure 2)

3)      First, search for friends – (Figure 2)

a)     Go to top of the page on the left hand side and type in the person’s name

b)     Then click “search”

c)     If you can’t find the person you are looking for or there are too many pages you can go to the “search button” the top of left side of the page and that says “filter search” to narrow the search results quicker.

4)      The “filter search” narrows it down by gender, age, city, state, distance, and names, or display names. (Figure 3)

5)      When you have found the person you are looking for you then click on the persons profile page.

6)      When that persons page is up it will show the picture and a small box labeled “contacting Jessica” for example. You then will click on “add to friends “box then a screen that says “do you really want to add Jessica  as a friend” and If I did I would then click add as friends button once more. If not there is a cancel button to get out of that screen. (Figure 4)

7)      Once your friend has accepted your request you will then see their picture pop up on the bottom of your friends screen.

a)     Then click on that friend’s picture to take you to their personal page.

b)      Then it will say “send message” under the person’s picture and that is how you will be able to send a message. 

8)      Then once you write you message you just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button that says “send” and you have sent your first message. (Figure 5)

9)      To check messages or view old messages you click on the top “home” button and under the box called “my mail” click “inbox” and this will take you to all your messages you have received. (Figure 6)

a)     if you want to check your sent messages in the same box called “my mail” you will just then click the button that says “sent”.

10)  Last thing uploading pictures.

a)     Make sure you’re in your home menu.

11)  Then in the blue box where it says “hello” click on the button that says “add/edit photos”. (Figure 7)

a)     Then click on the top in blue box “upload photos”.

12)  Then a screen should pop up that has a button that says “browse” you will click that and choose the photo you want to add. Once you picked the photo you will click “open” and of you want to add more photos continue to click the “browse” button. (Figure 8)

a)     If you are done then click the “next” button.

b)     You have uploaded photos!

c)     You even have a choice in making albums which you just click on button that says” create album” and add photos to that album.


Figure 1) MySpace Login Site:

Figure 2) Users Profile:

Figure 3) Search friends



Filter Results

Search By: All Name FieldsNameDisplay NameEmail


Male Female Both


–181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162636465666768to –181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545556575859606162636465666768

City, State, Zip, or Country:






Figure 4) Add friends

When you click on “Add to Friends”, the resultant screen it takes you to this box:

The yellow box is where you can type in your note and have it sent along with the generic friend invitation, which produces something on their end that looks like this:

This is the screen you or the person you asked to be your friend receives.


Figure 5) Writing a message


Figure 6) MY mail- checking your messages (sent and received).


My Mail

New Friend Requests!

New Birthdays!

New App Invites!


friend requests


post bulletin


Figure 7) Uploading pictures


Hello, Jessica!

Edit Profile

Account Settings

Add/Edit Photos

Add/Change Videos

Manage Blog

Manage Address Book

Manage Reviews


Figure 8) The Browse screen



From there, click on “Browse” button and pick out a file that you would like to upload.





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