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I have had some difficult challenges through out this journey of the financial analysis. I got very confused on section 8.2 when it asked to make a webpage, because I left corvallis and was not connected to the resident hall internet I was not able to get the proper connection. I beleive that is why it was not working.

Also, the embeded links, I not sure if I did that correcty. I really enjoyed this assignment besides those parts in 8.2 and 8.3. I tried but i am not sure if i did it correctly. I cant wait if one day i can go on this trip. I need to save a lot of money to make my dream vacation come to a reality.

I think I would go on the cheaper route of my dream trip, I would try to do the best to make the trip as cheap and fun as possible. I learned a lot and still frustrated that I was not able to figure out a those two steps.. not sure if I did them correctly.

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My Biggest Dreams!

Posted by: | May 12, 2009 | No Comment |

If I could do anything I would:


Visit San Francisco

Visit Greece

Taking my family to visit my host family in Chile

Taking my family on a cruise

Owning a beach house

Becoming a teacher

Having a family and getting married

Owning a house/ boat/ motor home


I choose to do my project on travel to San Francisco, California  or Greece, I am torn I really want to travel to both places, I may drive to California and take a plane to Greece for my project!!



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Financial Analysis

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Coming soon!!

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