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I have had some difficult challenges through out this journey of the financial analysis. I got very confused on section 8.2 when it asked to make a webpage, because I left corvallis and was not connected to the resident hall internet I was not able to get the proper connection. I beleive that is why it was not working.

Also, the embeded links, I not sure if I did that correcty. I really enjoyed this assignment besides those parts in 8.2 and 8.3. I tried but i am not sure if i did it correctly. I cant wait if one day i can go on this trip. I need to save a lot of money to make my dream vacation come to a reality.

I think I would go on the cheaper route of my dream trip, I would try to do the best to make the trip as cheap and fun as possible. I learned a lot and still frustrated that I was not able to figure out a those two steps.. not sure if I did them correctly.

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Culture Project Finished!

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I just have completed everything I am pretty sure! Now, I just need to added it on blackboard for it to get graded. I never thought I would spend so many hours on a computer until I have taken this class. I have learned a lot from Galina Mindlin, one day I would love to meet her, I sent her an email but never heard back, I am guessing she is a busy woman. I hope to save enough money to get my own type of music to help me with axiety, that would be great. I was thinking the price it takes to get the tests and music made is 550 dollars which is a lot, but if you add up medication and all that is would probably save you in the long run.

If anyone ends up trying this please let me know what you think!!

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Wk 5

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wow, I had a hard time trying to figure out part 5.3 creating new pages for each section. As you can see I tryed but can not find them, I think I may have done something else. Opps. I also need to organize my paper on here so people can locate the infomramtion quicky. Oh no, I keep going back and seeing things I either did wrong or forgot such as adding an introduction. I have been working on this paper for 6 hours now and trying to figure out everything online is just fustrating for me. I personaly thought it was going to be a lot easier then it was for me. I get confused when I can not find what I am looking for on the page that it directs me in the directions. I wish I knew more about computers to make this a less stressful event for my self. But I need to think I am learning.

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Librarian chat

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I talked the librarian on the chat line between me and her and my friends helping me try to search for information on Marie Van Brittan Brown was not very successful. I have changed my topic to Dr. Galina Mindlin, MD, PhD. The librarian and I were able to find a lot more information on. I will be re making my culture page to have information on her now. I am glad I was able to have this opportunity to have this help searching. Now I am less stressed that I will be able to find information on my new women, plus I find her research very interesting!  So be looking forward to reading information in Dr. Galina Mindlin. I did find the chat with the libriarn very successful and helpful, I will be using it again if I ever get stuck with any information in the future.


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