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Teach Project Done!

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I thought this was a very interesting project. When I was writing it I actually was taking the time to teach  my mother. She found it very helping to have words bold and underlined and photos to go with the words. My mother is a very visual learner so it was nice to be able to add those pictures to go with the words. My mother is now able on her own to send messages, add friends, search for friends, up load photos, and check her messages.

I think that finding valuable information on this subject was difficult because many things I found were from other peoples blogs. I thought it was a lot easier because I am able and know how to use MySpace and was able to teach my mother how to use it solo by just my words on the computer.

I want to continue to learn how to use and work computers. I still struggle but I definitely feel a lot more confident now then I did before this class. I thought I would catch on quicker and have no problem understanding half the things you wanted us to do. However, it was the other way around, I had a lot more difficult time then I thought. I have only been working with computer for past 4 years of my life and still have a lot to learn.

I have learned a lot not only about the Internet but about women in the society. My favorite was reading the articles and the discussions on blackboard, it really made me think about different situations and physically look online for more information. I began asking more questions and using the Internet as a source of information.

I think I meet the class objectives, I have tried my best in everything I have done in this class. I have taken a lot of information and gained from it. There are still a few steps where i get confused and seems that I will NEVER understand. I am type of student who works really hard and still receives average scores. I learned to deal with that in life and found out 3 weeks ago that because this class and I began to question if I have a learning disability. I went and got tested and yes, I found out that I do.

I thought it was amazing the reason I struggle so much in school, writing, math, is because I have language, reading, math, and memory disorders. Now I understand the way I am is not because I am stupid it is because I just have a bit more difficult time then all my friends due to these disabilities.

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