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Wk 5

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wow, I had a hard time trying to figure out part 5.3 creating new pages for each section. As you can see I tryed but can not find them, I think I may have done something else. Opps. I also need to organize my paper on here so people can locate the infomramtion quicky. Oh no, I keep going back and seeing things I either did wrong or forgot such as adding an introduction. I have been working on this paper for 6 hours now and trying to figure out everything online is just fustrating for me. I personaly thought it was going to be a lot easier then it was for me. I get confused when I can not find what I am looking for on the page that it directs me in the directions. I wish I knew more about computers to make this a less stressful event for my self. But I need to think I am learning.

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