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This will likely be my most highly blogged about subject.  I analyze video games for fun, read Game Informer religiously, and keep up to date with current video game news such as: what company bought who, game delays and why, and review reviews in order to find out what people look for in games.  I am an aspiring game designer and I believe that if you’re going to do something and do it well, you must know all the angles.  Here’s my disclaimer about people who detest video games:

Attention all video game haters!  I would like to say publicly that if you detest, despise, dislike, boycot, think negatively of, or simply hate video games, I will state that I honestly could not care less.  Video games are the reason why technology is where it is today.  The reason you’re now working on a Macbook Pro or a top-of-the-line PC instead of a Comodore 64 is because video games have continuously pushed the limits throughout history and caused the need for advancement in technology.  Faster computers have given way to glorious things like medical advancements, better criminal justice systems, and space exploration that is beyond limits that we thought possible.  I will defend video games like no other and I invite anyone to challenge my idea of video games if you desire to, I will not move.  So suck it up, video games have helped the world whether you like it or not.

If you made it through that disclaimer without thinking, “Man, I want to hit that guy!” then good job, you’re open minded and are not easily offended.  That will help a lot when reading some of my works.  Enjoy.

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