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Social Darwinism is the theory that relates Darwin’s theory of natural selection to the human society. Behind this social theory are such ideas as the most dominant people group will rule, and selective breeding.

Social Darwinism is used in an every day sense to describe any belief that the most capable (fit) will rise to the top in any given social situation, and/or any belief that the selection process should be aided by the government or powers that be. This everyday use is pretty much the same as the philosophical use.

My belief in Love is very much against Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism is all about self-love, instead of loving others. The most fit should use their power to help those who are less fit, not use their power for maintaining dominance.

Others often believe that Social Darwinism is a promise of a future utopia of an incredibly powerful race of selectively bred humans. The Germans tried this with the Aryan race, which lost several events to the ‘inferior’ African-Americans in the 1936 Olympics.

Social Darwinism has severe implications for Feminism. The most immediate is that most of the world is dominated by men socially and occupationally. By Social Darwinism’s theory, this is because men are the most fit and thus it is good that men dominate these areas and should be allowed to continue to do so. Also, there’s the anatomical differences between men and women. Men are genetically disposed to have more muscle and bone mass than women. According to Social Darwinism, men should be allowed to dominate any area of society in which strength is valued. Some would even say that because of this ‘strength advantage’ alone, men should always be the dominating sex in all areas society and unless women can be proven to have some genetic advantage over men (such as greater intelligence) that would balance their ‘use’ in society, they should not be allowed to fill any position of importance in society. These are extreme views, but if followed out completely they show how Social Darwinism and Feminism do not get along at all.

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Posted by on June 8th, 2010 at 6:34 am